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          2004年成立,為生命科學研究和生物醫藥產業提供相關儀器、試劑、消耗品及技術服務,注冊資金300萬元。公司致力于引進國外的先進技術、優質產品,已建立暢通的進貨渠道和銷售渠道,是美國通用電氣醫療集團GE 、Merck-Millipore 、Thermo Fisher、Life Technology、R&D、ESCO、上海源培在四川地區的一級授權代理商。同時也與多家全球著名的生命科學產品供應商(Abcam ,BD,LONZA,IKA,Roche,Sartorius,SAFC),建立了長期穩定的合作關系。



          Chengdu Oriental Reagent Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company that engaged in providing biochemical instruments, reagents consumables and technical services for the researches in the life sciences and biotechnology industries, since founded in 2004 with registered capital of three millions (RMB).
          Our company is committed to bringing in advanced technology from foreign countries to serve internal scientific research projects. We have established stable channels of purchase and sales. Our company is the first class agent in the southwest part of china of several international well-known companies, such as 
        GE 、Merck-Millipore 、Thermo Fisher、Life Technology、R&D、ESCO、Shanghai Yuanpei. we have established long-term cooperative relationship with many global biochemical product providers,such as Abcam ,BD,LONZA,IKA,Roche,Sartorius,SAFC, etc. 

          We always insist on the idea, which is regarding customer as center and providing customers with high quality products. We want to offer customers personalized services and meet the requirements of them by our unremitting effort and advantages.

        銷售熱線: 86-28-85135991
        客服QQ: 點擊這里給我發消息
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